Key West


Last day in Key West…
At Pepe’s for breakfast, a brief rest…
and onto a fishing cruise.

Captain Cory makes fishing so easy!
So great to catch our dinner…
Back to Pepe’s after sunset for dinner.

Grateful today for
Key West…such a wonderful place,
loved being at Pepe’s and crushing it with Carter!
and for Pepe’s – loved every meal we had, and the people we met…
Thanks so much for cooking the fish we caught.
Hope to be back soon. xxoo

Hello 2016!


Back to Pepe’s for breakfast.
After breakfast, my mate is off to golf,
and I happily reconnect with my laptop in the hotel room.

The afternoon is unexpected, unplanned and great fun.
From Pepe’s to the White Pearl,
and back to Pepe’s…

Grateful today for
a quiet morning and early afternoon,
a fun and unexpected rolling party,
and for a great day to start 2016. Happy New Year!

From Pepe’s to Gaston’s


Can’t get enough of Pepe’s!
The food is amazingly fresh and delicious…
Last night’s dinner, today’s breakfast and lunch…

In the evening we meet at Pepe’s for a drink,
and head out to Gaston’s for a New Year’s eve visit.
Then, onto LaTeDa for dinner and NYE celebrations.

Grateful today for
Pepe’s – LOVE this place,
a fun night with new friends and old,
and for the taxi that got us home.