Where did September go?


Feeling confused…
September is over? Nuit Blanche, this weekend?
Where was I?

Was it the warmer than usual weather…blending summer with autumn?
Did the busy-ness of the ‘back to school’ season consume me?
I suspect both… and more.

Needing a return to gratitude…

Grateful today,
for the deep sharing relationships I have,
for past experiences that caution, inspire and motivate my decisions,
and for being here to experience it all.



Thinking about change today…
When on vacation, it generally takes a week to adjust to the change.
Returning to work, I’m not sure how well I’ve adjusted to this change.

Going to the market feels good,
inspired to reconnect with food and the kitchen…
and make pickles.



Grateful today for
having all the spices for the pickling recipe,
the great produce from the market – all ready for the week,
for reconnecting with food,
and for change.



The photo today is the view I had when I awoke.
Wanted to laze about and listen to the rain…
a little grumbly about going to work.

An impromptu lunch with exuberance,
makes the day brighter.
So we were able to get together.

Grateful today for
getting through grumbly,
catching up with exuberance,
and for the gifts that are given each moment. Stop. Look. Go.