Corrie + Ian


A perfect day for Corrie and Ian’s wedding.
Gathering at 9am, Corrie and Ian arrive via canoe.
The ceremony is a lovely one – a shared celebration of their love.

Activities are available to do – rock climbing, hiking, town tour etc…
We opt to spend time at the cabin with Ros, Brad, Janvier and the Canmore boys.
Then to the hall for the potluck wedding reception.

Grateful today for
a beautiful and perfect day,
afternoon with family at the cabin,
and for a different kind of wedding…beautiful.

In the moss garden


Found a perfect spot on a rock to look at the moss garden…
Amazed at the life within each different type of moss.
Our cabin today is the perfect place to be.

Afternoon hang with Janvier – learning the first nations fire making secrets,
then to the hall to help debone the salmon.
The evening’s entertainment by Shane Philip is great fun and gets everyone dancing.

Grateful today for
a beautiful day in New Denver,
catching up with Janvier,
and for a fun evening at the Memorial Hall.

Hello New Denver!


A drive through the mountains and across the provincial border to New Denver, BC.
Stopping briefly in Kimberley to leave a note for a cousin and then to our cabin.
And what a cabin it is!

Once we are settled in, we join others at the Domes for dinner together.
A jolly and joyful gathering of friends, and family.
Our day ends with an evening fire under the stars…

Grateful today for
the beautiful mountain landscapes we drove through,
our cabin with incredible views and moss garden,
and for a jolly evening gathering.