Sunday @ Home


This morning the kitchen is busy.
Breakfast made, stock put away and soup back on…
eggs boiling for egg salad and granola in the oven.

A walk in the neighbourhood after breakfast,
so glad to see this garden at the school,
and to run into Sarah – deep, warm hugs on wellington.

Grateful today for
food made at home – a true luxury,
walking hand in hand with my mate,
and a weekend at home.

Getting Stuff Done


Coffee and oatmeal at Collette before we uber to pick up the car.
Costco, and West End Co-op are stops on our return home.
At home – a walk to Golftown and back for lunch.

An afternoon of cooking…
Turkey stock, and crock pot split pea soup warm our home.
So cosy @ Wellington…

Grateful today for
getting the chores we had completed,
the food we have to eat,
and my mate…together, it all gets done.

Youthful Friday


Client meeting with the advocat today is good.
Nice to share a relaxed lunch after a tough week.
A few items done in the office and then home.

Delightful dinner tonight with Susie + Adam…
Enjoyed the visit with NeighbourNat…
Appreciating youthful energy in our home.

Grateful today for
a good week at work,
the time we shared with family and friends,
and for positive, youthful energy.