From yesterday to today…
Yesterday was exuberant – blue skies, frozen february gone!

Why was it so tough?!
Perhaps I started the day with the wrong attitude…
Was it me? And if it was, how do I make sense of it all?

Grateful today for
my ‘twin’ who made me laugh,
the cosmics for a lunch that refreshed and rebooted me,
and for my mate who listens and hears me…
Thank you to my friends who helped me get through today.

Warmth in the frozen north


Snoozlefest to start the day – so unusual!
A few texts during the snoozlefest,
and then up for Luckee with the cosmics.

From Luckee to the market,
such a different experience in the afternoon!
and onto an evening with friends.

Grateful today for
today’s dim sum planned during the snoozlefest,
a super fun evening with friends,
and for the extra snuggles with my mate this morning.

Cortado, perfecto!


Working life…
busily filled with interactions and problems,
and moments away for a cortado.

Listening without interjecting my thoughts…
Working at it and trying to remember this always.

Grateful today for
the honest conversations – no solutions, simply sharing,
Ros for listening to my work challenges,
and for The Black Canary barrista who insisted I have a perfect cortado.