Personal Time


A full day of meetings…
From a production meeting to a project status meeting,
mini database meetings and a variety of other project related conversations.

Took a moment today to look at the envelope left on my desk last week…
Reminded of the upcoming oneofakind Christmas show,
and the importance of booking personal time into the week.

Grateful today for
moving projects forward,
Szabo Design – so looking forward to seeing you at the show,
and for remembering to book personal time this week.

Sunday Dinner


Making the most of the weekend…
Soup in the slow cooker, and prime rib roast in the oven.
Ready for a sunday dinner with the Song family.

Played together with Tegu,
watched Home Alone 2 as dinner preparations continued…
A wonderful night with family – always so good to see these boys!

Grateful today for
time to make food,
a warm, cosy home with delicious aromas,
and for our Sunday dinner with the Songs – Love you all!

Signs of Home


A night of snuggles and oil of oregano seem to have staved off a cold…
Ready this morning for a mates market morning and home chores.
Back home by 11 and deeply into getting Wellington back in order.

A working visit from the Advocat in the afternoon,
late lunch together on Queen West and more chores done.
Finally back at home…almonds soaking, fire on and resting with my mate.

Grateful today
for a productive day – stocked fridge, granola made and winter clothes in the closet,
an afternoon break with the advocat,
and for signs of home…restored after busy work weeks and travel.