Mamin Palms


Beach day today!
And at the most tranquil and peaceful beaches – Anse Mamin.
Set up perfectly under the perfect palms…

A swim with the beautiful fish, lunch and a relaxing afternoon.
Sunset from the Seaview tonight,
and then an evening at the Villa.

Grateful today for
the serenity of Anse Mamin – the stones around the palms…
picking up things from the grocery store before sunset,
and for the different sunset views.

Back to Jade


Lunch at Jade Mountain is our event of the day.
Great food, service and friends to share it with…
and a tour of one of the sanctuaries…

From the luxury of Jade Mountain,
to a walk along Baron Drive.
An amazing experience of extremes…

Grateful today for
a lovely lunch at Jade Mountain,
the people we met along our Baron Drive walk,
and for the range of experiences that can be had.