After a morning of cleaning house,
and a few hours in the afternoon working on project plans,
the nephews arrive with cake from church in hand.

It’s Gomo and the boys for a few hours…
Baby Bri asks where Gomoboo is,
and then they are both absorbed in SuperWhy episodes.

Grateful today for
getting things cleaned up and organized for next week,
play time with tegu blocks and super magnetron,
and for finally finding an appropriate show for the boys to watch.

Lightroom Saturday


Breakfast with a friend in the morning,
an americano to go…
and then a day with Lightroom.

Time vanishes as I work through photographs,
sorting into catalogs, post processing and posting.
Then, a walk to dinner with friends on Crawford.

Grateful today for
time spent with lightroom,
a delicious dinner – thank you PJ+M!
and for the movie that ended the night – I AM…Loved it. Thank you G!

Test Post

Test post

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