After a blurred week…


The days of last week blurred into one another…
Today my mate and I returned to our envision family.
And what a day to return!

The office was buzzing with meetings, work and excitement.
Working day ended an hour earlier for birthday celebrations,
and team envision’s inaugural ball hockey game.

Fun games, and even better the envision spirit.
Sharing memories, stories and so much laughter.
Wonderfully healing for my soul.

Grateful today for
lunch with the returned cosmic cycling adventurers,
catchup with THE advoCAT – wow! what a presentation he built!
playing my first hockey game ever,
and for Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s farewell letter I read at the end of the day.

Rest in peace


An early start today.
From the funeral home to the church,
The church to the cemetery and then back to the home.

So many friends – neighbourhood pals, envisioneers, and cottage pals…
Family members flying and driving in from the west and east coasts…
All coming together to cry, hug one another, bringing so many stories of Pauline…

Grateful today for
the beautiful service – my mate’s eulogy and the granddaughters’ duet were so moving,
the love shared all day,
and for Pauline – You brought light, laughter and so much love to my life.
I am forever grateful.

Ma Hayes


I was so fortunate to know Pauline.
In the early days of our meeting, she would often say to me,
“Whatever may come in the future, you are my friend.”

Over the last 16 years,
we shared many times together…
family gatherings, holidays, and Sunday night dinners.

Grateful today for
all the moments shared with Ma Hayes,
for the end of her suffering and pains,
and for Bill – who held her hand as she peacefully passed on.

I will miss you deeply Pauline. xxoo