Wi-Fi Hopping


First stop this morning is at Dark Horse for a latte as I work on a social media strategy…
Then to R2 for a tea – researching different platforms,
and finally to the Fort York Library.

After lunch, more mapping out of strategy at home…
This evening we have a condo board meeting.
Happy to see it is still light out when we return home.

Grateful today for
the 5 different wi-fi networks today,
the walks getting from network to network,
and for all that got done today.

Special K


A glorious day for lunch with neighbour MiA,
followed by a walk through Kensington picking up things for the kitchen…
Cool breezes and hot sun – a perfect day.

Always amazed at the amount of veggies coming out of Special K.
Each time, my canvas bag is filled with beets, cukes, tomatoes and kale.
What an incredible thing our Special K is…

Grateful today for
a walking afternoon – sharing my fave Kensington spots with MiA,
a glorious day for walking,
and for neighbourly sharing of food – thank you MiA for the delicious 깻잎! (perilla leaves)

Sharing the years


Early this morning,
the sun shone bright and hot – not a single cloud in the bright blue sky.
The waters were calm – filled with beautiful reflections.

An hour later, the blue skies are under layers of clouds…
A boat ride into town for brunch and a walk,
And moments of sunshine on the dock before we head out for home.

Grateful today for
a wonderful weekend at La Vignette,
the hot sunny moment to jump into a cold river,
and for our hosts – thank you so much PVS and Catherine. xxoo