Envision Morning

Envision Morning

Sunshine streaming into Envision always stops me in my tracks.
Today, the flower was so beautifully lit…
Brighter than any of the digital or static signage.

A glorious fall day with summer like temperatures,
the afternoon is spent catching up on this blog in front of the big open window at home.
Watching the street go by is always interesting – and a bonus: passerbys smiling and saying hello!

Grateful today
for the sequins on my shirt – reflecting sparkles everywhere I went,
beautiful environments enhanced by the sunlight,
and for an afternoon to get back to my blog catch up.

All NFL…anytime, anywhere


5+ years since we’ve had a cable TV subscription.
The only real drawback has been watching live sports events.
Enter: NFL game pass.

After a bike ride to the market,
errands done and a lovely lunch at King’s Cafe,
It’s time for the NFL!

Grateful today for
my mate’s NFL heaven,
an app + subscription that is a new way to experience the games,
and for not having to go back to a cable subscription.

Glorious Fall Day


A stunningly beautiful day!
The wispy clouds this morning were mesmerizing…
So delighted by the perfect weather.

An impromptu late morning coffee with Paula in the courtyard,
an afternoon hanging out in the window (such beautiful breezes),
and a spontaneous visit from Pa Hayes after his GE dinner downtown.

Grateful today for
impromptu coffee and conversation on wasps, the environment and creativity this morning,
for the visit with Pa Hayes – can’t believe we never shared Virtual Choir 4 with him!
and for spontaneous and impromptu visits.