About saBEE

Jumping into a black lake in the Amazon Rainforests of Ecuador

2013! continuing on in my sharing of gratitude,
and posting a photo a day with musings on the day.

No matter what is happens in a day,
from sunny skies to sh*t storms – and everything in between,
gratitude keeps my perspective positive.

world of saBEE is my sharing of my ever evolving world

Nature, beauty and gratitude…

If you enjoyed the video above, I hope you will watch David Steindl-Rast on Gratefulness…

The last month of this year marks the end of 4 blogging years…
Thank you to all who read and follow my blog.
Amazing 4 years later to look at the first blog post

  • ROY Faheem khan


  • Cath

    Hi to you two
    .I just happened to see this site. I did not realize that it is so active.I have wondered about you . I enjoyed you visit last summer.You are aways welcome back.

    • http://sabsong.com saBEE

      So glad to see you drop in! Hope you have been well!

  • http://www.facebook.com/barb.pohner Barb Macris Pohner

    Hey Sab – this is such a cool blog. Hope Nawlins treated you well. Talk soon. B

    • http://sabsong.com saBEE

      Thanks B! Missing you in Nawlins…Hope your easter was great! xxoo