New Frontiers

Woke up this morning to a beautiful snow covered world.
Wishing we had appropriate clothing…
Until Saturday, we have only the clothing we travelled to Vegas with…

Off to Richmond Hill for a meeting.
Took the opportunity to have K-food for lunch,
and pick up a few more grocery items.

New frontiers..
So different from the downtown life we know…
And so far north of Bloor!

Grateful today for
a productive day – amazing how much more there always is to do,
sunshine and blue skies,
and for my MAO – grateful to be navigating new frontiers together.

Cabin in Caledon

Arrived this afternoon at the cabin in Caledon.
After months of transition, and a week in Vegas,
it feels good to settle in.

Groceries put away,
devices all connected and ready for the next conference call…
Doesn’t take too long for us to make a space feel lived in.

Grateful today for
Dave’s Butcher Shop what a delicious shepherd’s pie!
the beautiful snowfall we watched as we snuggled by the fire,
and for the cabin in Caledon, looking forward to being settled in for the next little while.

MAO and forever

In the last 6 months, life has been fully shaken up.
Changed our working life, sold our home and got married…
The start of our life as #NomadMAOs.

The past week was spent working in Vegas.
When we fly home later this week,
we will be going to a new address.

Grateful today for
our friends who supported and helped us through the last 6 months,
forward progress on our work projects,
and for my mate… Love you, MAO and forever.