Sunday Dinner


Making the most of the weekend…
Soup in the slow cooker, and prime rib roast in the oven.
Ready for a sunday dinner with the Song family.

Played together with Tegu,
watched Home Alone 2 as dinner preparations continued…
A wonderful night with family – always so good to see these boys!

Grateful today for
time to make food,
a warm, cosy home with delicious aromas,
and for our Sunday dinner with the Songs – Love you all!

Turkey Dinner


A glorious fall day!
perfect for our walk in the neighbour – picking up tonight’s turkey dinner and getting things done.
The day is busy in a relaxed manner.

Dinner with the boys – so great.
An evening with tegu,
and a delicious turkey dinner
ends with dessert as we watch Matilda together.

Grateful today for
Cumbrae’s – thanks for making our turkey dinner,
our time with MunHee, Al + the boys,
and for precious times. xxoo



My mate and I have been together for 16 years, no kids or pets.
a 5 day immersion into life with kids and a pet…
All the experiences together create greater perspectives for me.

I have so enjoyed the time with MoonHee.
Her love for her family radiates from her,
her delighted smiles and laughter…beautiful.

Grateful today for
MoonHee – Loved our time together and look forward to many more…