Country Roads

Getting things done today requires a drive to Mississauga…
looking for routes that take us on country roads.
Today’s drive is through a foggy, rainy countryside.

A few more things checked off on the big and little lists,
we are both happy to be returning to country roads.
Delighted to accidentally end up in Caledon East…

Grateful today for
the enjoyment of weather and its beauties (wasn’t quite the same in the city),
scenic drives on country roads,
and for experiencing it all with my mate.

Daily Rhythm

Almost 2 weeks at the cabin,
A new daily rhythm emerging…
more time outdoors.

Each day we have taken a walk,
morning, noon and on a full moon night…
encountering animals, budding trees, and big views.

Grateful today for
the change of environment,
shifting towards nature,
and for the walks that are part of our emerging daily rhythm.

New Frontiers

Woke up this morning to a beautiful snow covered world.
Wishing we had appropriate clothing…
Until Saturday, we have only the clothing we travelled to Vegas with…

Off to Richmond Hill for a meeting.
Took the opportunity to have K-food for lunch,
and pick up a few more grocery items.

New frontiers..
So different from the downtown life we know…
And so far north of Bloor!

Grateful today for
a productive day – amazing how much more there always is to do,
sunshine and blue skies,
and for my MAO – grateful to be navigating new frontiers together.