Cabin in Caledon

Arrived this afternoon at the cabin in Caledon.
After months of transition, and a week in Vegas,
it feels good to settle in.

Groceries put away,
devices all connected and ready for the next conference call…
Doesn’t take too long for us to make a space feel lived in.

Grateful today for
Dave’s Butcher Shop what a delicious shepherd’s pie!
the beautiful snowfall we watched as we snuggled by the fire,
and for the cabin in Caledon, looking forward to being settled in for the next little while.

Christmas on the beach


Started the day with a walk along the beach to breakfast…
back to the beach to read,
listen to the waves and watch birds flying about.

A late afternoon bicycle ride,
so fun to ride about in my bathing suit!
And back to our room to rest before dinner.

Grateful today for
being outdoors all day,
a relaxed day hanging with my MAO,
and for all the happy people on the beach.



Memories – a theme of the weekend…
So many of my memories,
packed up in boxes, stored away in closets…

Good and bad,
recent and past…
not always sure which ones are real.

Grateful today for
the memories shared of envision,
for the uniqueness of individual memory – we all have such different perspectives,
and for all the memories made with my MAO.