Ready for Showtime

16 weeks…
daily calls with team members,
weekly calls with our partner agency,
weekly calls with the client,
and a ton of work are now ready for showtime.

After a full run through of tomorrow’s show,
there is a lovely evening social event.
A perfect way to have tomorrow’s audience and participants meet.

Grateful today for
all the people and efforts that got us to today,
a beautiful sunset,
and for a team ready for showtime.

MAO and forever

In the last 6 months, life has been fully shaken up.
Changed our working life, sold our home and got married…
The start of our life as #NomadMAOs.

The past week was spent working in Vegas.
When we fly home later this week,
we will be going to a new address.

Grateful today for
our friends who supported and helped us through the last 6 months,
forward progress on our work projects,
and for my mate… Love you, MAO and forever.

Key West


Last day in Key West…
At Pepe’s for breakfast, a brief rest…
and onto a fishing cruise.

Captain Cory makes fishing so easy!
So great to catch our dinner…
Back to Pepe’s after sunset for dinner.

Grateful today for
Key West…such a wonderful place,
loved being at Pepe’s and crushing it with Carter!
and for Pepe’s – loved every meal we had, and the people we met…
Thanks so much for cooking the fish we caught.
Hope to be back soon. xxoo