Hello 2016!


Back to Pepe’s for breakfast.
After breakfast, my mate is off to golf,
and I happily reconnect with my laptop in the hotel room.

The afternoon is unexpected, unplanned and great fun.
From Pepe’s to the White Pearl,
and back to Pepe’s…

Grateful today for
a quiet morning and early afternoon,
a fun and unexpected rolling party,
and for a great day to start 2016. Happy New Year!

A leisurely walking day

A beautiful sunny day.
Hanging out in the day with Uncle Stu.
Walk to Kensington Market – sharing a snack at Hibiscus, then down to King Street for a drink on the patio.

Home to meet my mate and then out for a walk to dinner in the garden.
Great to see friends not seen for a while.

Grateful today for
visits with friends,
a lovely walking day,
and for Gav who took today’s photo – and found the flash intensity controls!