Precious Moments

Love being Gomo.
Sharing precious moments with Justin, Brien and JuHa
fill my mind with wonder
and my heart with joy.

Our times together are precious moments.
Whether for an hour or a week,
I am so grateful for it all.

Grateful today for
the different experiences we’ve shared together,
being together for the weekend,
and for the sunny warm weather.

Country Roads

Getting things done today requires a drive to Mississauga…
looking for routes that take us on country roads.
Today’s drive is through a foggy, rainy countryside.

A few more things checked off on the big and little lists,
we are both happy to be returning to country roads.
Delighted to accidentally end up in Caledon East…

Grateful today for
the enjoyment of weather and its beauties (wasn’t quite the same in the city),
scenic drives on country roads,
and for experiencing it all with my mate.

Morning Light

@ the cabin

A new week begins…
Beautiful morning light in our bedroom,
accompanied by the sound of birds chirping outside.

A fresh juice starts the day, gentle morning yoga stretches get us ready to move.
Not feeling the work vibe this morning,
The day is spent outdoors – a lovely walk in the back 40 and 9 holes of golf.

Grateful today for
sunlight and warmth today,
time outdoors – every moment energizes and grounds,
and for being able to take the day off.