Dinner Party Hosting


Up early and into our market morning routine…
Switched up only slightly with our breakfast choice.
Outside tasks done – inside chores left.

A delightful afternoon tech / social time with exuberance…
as brownies are baked and soup is made for tonight’s dinner party.
Dinner for 3 couples – each couple bringing delicious parts of the meal.

Grateful today for
getting things done at home,
afternoon exuberance,
and a cosmic, bliss’n dinner party!

Sharing knowledge, experience and skills


A day away from my content research and thinking…
Today is a wardrobe examination date with exuberance!
A solid 2 hours spent going through the wardrobe to get to the best essentials…

A break for lunch,
and then a geek moment…Silverlight + Netflix + MAC – sorting through the challenge of getting it going…
3 support conversations – starting in Denver, Colorado and ending in India,
in the end, a blog provides the solution. Yes! It’s working!

Grateful today for
a fresh perspective on my wardrobe,
a geek challenge solved,
and for all the recent signs of an imminent spring!



Up before the alarm goes off, hugs and kisses as I head to the airport with Stevie.
An easy airport experience – quiet with a minimal lineup at security…
And then a serendipitous event – Stevie + Fred on my flight…a most delightful airport waiting experience.

Shared a cab together, and walked across the street…Home!
A few hours on my own before a wonderful reunion with G+B in the late afternoon.
Together we make dinner for my mate’s return home.

Grateful today for
my new york adventure,
a delicious K-food dinner @wellington,
and to the ‘see you soon’, and all the ‘welcome home’ hugs.