Warmth in the frozen north


Snoozlefest to start the day – so unusual!
A few texts during the snoozlefest,
and then up for Luckee with the cosmics.

From Luckee to the market,
such a different experience in the afternoon!
and onto an evening with friends.

Grateful today for
today’s dim sum planned during the snoozlefest,
a super fun evening with friends,
and for the extra snuggles with my mate this morning.

Game of Chess


Mondays are intense.
They start with back to back meetings,
getting the team aligned for the week.

At the end of the day…
my mate makes dinner,
and neighbour Nat joins us.

Grateful today for
getting through the day,
the spontaneous knock on our door,
and for neighbour Nat – love watching the chess matches.

Dinner Party Hosting


Up early and into our market morning routine…
Switched up only slightly with our breakfast choice.
Outside tasks done – inside chores left.

A delightful afternoon tech / social time with exuberance…
as brownies are baked and soup is made for tonight’s dinner party.
Dinner for 3 couples – each couple bringing delicious parts of the meal.

Grateful today for
getting things done at home,
afternoon exuberance,
and a cosmic, bliss’n dinner party!