#Uber Troy

Earlier this week we had an important meeting in Charlotte, NC.
On our way to the airport, we hit a hole in the road and got a flat.
10 minutes from home…
Not a lot of extra time…
What to do?!

Springing into action,
we contacted ONroute to get the tire replaced and Uber to get to YYZ.
As we made our way to the airport,
MAO talked with Troy about driving our car home once the tire was changed.
All is set and we make it to our flight.

On boarding the plane, there is a message from Troy.
The tire has not been changed – sadly no spare in the trunk.
MAO asks Troy to help get the tire changed and the car back home.

At the end of the day,
Troy has paid for a new tire,
replaced the flat and driven the car home.

Today we met with Troy to repay him.
Our hearts are filled with gratitude for everything he did for us.
Grateful today for the good and helping spirit of strangers.



Outside early as mist rose from the pond…
Sneakers soaked with the morning dew,
today’s photo morning feeds my spirit.

A delicious breakfast starts a beautiful day getting the floating garden prepped for planting.
Two tractors, dirt, garden bags and a boat ride later…
Floating garden is ready for seeds, and secure from Houdini.

Returning home, our urban gardens are tended to.
Kitchen window has herbs again,
and SpecialK @ the garrison has growth happening.

Grateful today for
our weekend with the country mice @ Idlewild,
connecting back to nature,
and for the inspirations – to cook, garden and grow.

Fabric of Life


A fabulous female day…
Started out at the big carrot, lovely to run into GKW.
Trunk loaded with produce, and new sprouter, listening to Jian in Hamilton talking epigenetics – Jurassic style..
Everything unloaded, and put away for tomorrow – full on cooking day.

Out for lunch with the exuberant one – at our off-site office.
After lunch, we walk to the market to pick up various items and walk back to warm up at Bellwoods.
Joined by a friend, conversation over knitting – much is shared.
So amazed at the experiences that others have, how they grow from tragedy and pain and then share so openly.

Returning home, Anna joins me for a cup of tea and dinner at Harlem Underground.

Grateful today for
seeing exuberant embroidery – wow!
an amazing sharing with laughter, tears and so much joy,
and for the fabric of life that weaves us together.