3-part birthday


Birthday celebrations started last night…
After a day in the country with relatives,
we met an old friend who is living in Seoul.
Matthew whisks us away to a jazz bar, starting a lively party night.

In the morning, we fight off jetlag and meet my cousin.
A birthday lunch at my favorite cold noodle place and a walk about Myong Dong.
Jet lag takes over and a nap is needed before evening…

Meeting Matthew for the evening,
we have a quick bite and share time together over drinks at the Afro Pub,
and then to the Han River for a camping kitchen on a boat.
Whew! What a day!

Grateful today for
a super fun birthday in Seoul,
all the facebook birthday love I’ve been receiving,
and for Matthew – the jazz soothed my soul and made for the perfect start to a wonderful birthday. xxoo



First day at the fairgrounds under sunny skies.
So great to have a sunny day.

The blues tent is rocking with Roddie Romero and the Hub City All-Stars.

Another great day at Jazzfest.
Our dinner reservations are at another fabulous restaurant, Brigtsen’s.
The BEST pecan pie…wow.

Grateful today for
sunshine at jazzfest,
facebook – that made a reunion with a high school friend possible at the gospel tent,
and for the incredible food in N’awlins.

Music…all day and night


Last night after dinner we went to Frenchman Street…
A brass band playing outside on the corner where we get out of the cab.
Streets are filled with people and great live music is in every bar…

Blown away by Shamarr Allen! Loved seeing him and the Underdawgs.

After breakfast in the hotel we’re off for a day of music at the fairgrounds…

The lowest temperatures in New Orleans today in 140 years…Brrr!

After a rest at the hotel, delighted to be returning to a favorite restaurant – Dante’s Kitchen. Delicious as always – the local farm vegetable plate was the star.

Grateful today for
all the great music we’re hearing,
the friendly conversations with strangers,
and for a grand time in NOLA.