Thinking about change today…
When on vacation, it generally takes a week to adjust to the change.
Returning to work, I’m not sure how well I’ve adjusted to this change.

Going to the market feels good,
inspired to reconnect with food and the kitchen…
and make pickles.



Grateful today for
having all the spices for the pickling recipe,
the great produce from the market – all ready for the week,
for reconnecting with food,
and for change.

Drama in the Center


Somewhere between my morning shower and going to work, my mood got gnarly…
Wanting to stay grumpy was impossible with the little moments and interactions that brought out a laugh or smile.
Still the gnarliness didn’t completely go away.

An afternoon stop at Special K – onions and strawberries growing nicely,
This onion reflects my mood back to me…
And reminds me to be grateful…

Grateful today for
today’s brief interactions that took away the grumpy,
the growing plants in Special K,
for my steadfast mate – thank you for always being loving and supporting,
and for remembering to be grateful.

Fresh Eyes


Have so enjoyed having friends here with fresh eyes.
Each time we are here, I discover more about the plants, people and Lucian life.
So great to have had G+G experiencing it for the first time, and now exuberance.

The cosmics and country mice – we’ve shared many times here…
So grateful for all our shared times here.
Each time a few new firsts – what will it be this trip?!

Grateful today for
days with easy and relaxed agendas,
shared memories of different trips here,
and fresh eyes – so wonderful to see others delighting in the natural beauty here.