Daily Rhythm

Almost 2 weeks at the cabin,
A new daily rhythm emerging…
more time outdoors.

Each day we have taken a walk,
morning, noon and on a full moon night…
encountering animals, budding trees, and big views.

Grateful today for
the change of environment,
shifting towards nature,
and for the walks that are part of our emerging daily rhythm.

Cabin in Caledon

Arrived this afternoon at the cabin in Caledon.
After months of transition, and a week in Vegas,
it feels good to settle in.

Groceries put away,
devices all connected and ready for the next conference call…
Doesn’t take too long for us to make a space feel lived in.

Grateful today for
Dave’s Butcher Shop what a delicious shepherd’s pie!
the beautiful snowfall we watched as we snuggled by the fire,
and for the cabin in Caledon, looking forward to being settled in for the next little while.



The photo today is the view I had when I awoke.
Wanted to laze about and listen to the rain…
a little grumbly about going to work.

An impromptu lunch with exuberance,
makes the day brighter.
So we were able to get together.

Grateful today for
getting through grumbly,
catching up with exuberance,
and for the gifts that are given each moment. Stop. Look. Go.