Hello 2016!


Back to Pepe’s for breakfast.
After breakfast, my mate is off to golf,
and I happily reconnect with my laptop in the hotel room.

The afternoon is unexpected, unplanned and great fun.
From Pepe’s to the White Pearl,
and back to Pepe’s…

Grateful today for
a quiet morning and early afternoon,
a fun and unexpected rolling party,
and for a great day to start 2016. Happy New Year!

Rainy Day


A stop into the Treehouse to visit with our FortWayne pals, before the beach.
As we visit, the rains fall and the pitons disappear…
Had a super fun visit at the Treehouse and didn’t make it to the beach…

Returned to the Villa to welcome the cosmics and country mice…
Power outages do not deter from a fun reunion.
Dinner prepared in the dark – with flashlights and candles…lovely.

Grateful today for
the safe arrival of the cosmics and country mice,
FortWayne saving us from the power outage with food from town, ice and beer,
and for the power coming back on in time for dinner.