Saturday in Brooklyn


Picked up this morning by dawg limo and taken to Chinatown
Prosperity Dumplings are an awesome impromptu picnic on a beautiful springlike day.
We are then off to Brooklyn.

So great to see so many people out and about,
the streets are buzzing…
And the Brooklyn Flea! Fantastic!


Grateful today for
S+J for a day in Brooklyn and a night in Montclair,
the turkey boys at the Brooklyn Flea,
and for a gorgeous day.



After breakfast, we set out for the farmer’s co-op at Meyer’s Bridge.
Always an experience.
Today’s was a delight talking with “babylon” about food and cooking.

Then to Soufriere to pick up a few items and back home.
A lunch of leftovers before heading back through Soufriere for a swim.
Boys go in to swim, and the girls have a drink at the beach and go shopping!

Evening’s activities – game of Scrabble,
a delicious dinner made by the boys,
and lounging – watching the stars in the night sky.

Grateful today for
Soufriere – for all its contradictions and oddities,
a beautiful day with the country mice,
and for the local produce – exploding with incredible taste.