Baby’s grown up…


What a full day…
Working session on database planning for 4 hours, followed by a celebration at Envision…
Can’t believe it. 

20 years ago, Envision was born…
10 years ago, Karin joined us and was the mother hen I had wanted so much.
Today she retired.

Grateful today for
Karin, who brought so much to Envision,
18 years with all the envisioneers that came and went, 
and for my MAO – what a journey it has been…
I am with you wherever #nomadMAOS will go next – our baby’s grown up now!

Saturday Visits


Saturday morning snuggles – a cozy day at home.
MAO makes a most delicious breakfast…
so grateful for all his yummy meals.

Noontime is visiting time…
drop in from the advocat with scandinavian pals,
and SKY – working on SD5 troubles.

The afternoon continues at the Communist Daughter,
with a trumpet playing singer, serving drinks and answering calls…
What a fun place!


Grateful today for
PJ! Thank You…
for riding the serial port keyboard over,
for all the music,
and for connecting us to SKY. xxoo

The day after


Last night we danced until 2:30am…
Awake at 7 and hungry for breakfast!?
Bellies full and ready for a day of relaxation…

Walking with MAO in Jordan,
Cardinals flying everywhere,
Green grass, and trees downed by beavers by the algae pond with ducks…


Grateful today for
our energizing walk around the ponds,
a warm and cosy afternoon with MAO,
and for memories.
Thank you Advocat, for sharing memories of envisioneers – past and future.