#Uber Troy

Earlier this week we had an important meeting in Charlotte, NC.
On our way to the airport, we hit a hole in the road and got a flat.
10 minutes from home…
Not a lot of extra time…
What to do?!

Springing into action,
we contacted ONroute to get the tire replaced and Uber to get to YYZ.
As we made our way to the airport,
MAO talked with Troy about driving our car home once the tire was changed.
All is set and we make it to our flight.

On boarding the plane, there is a message from Troy.
The tire has not been changed – sadly no spare in the trunk.
MAO asks Troy to help get the tire changed and the car back home.

At the end of the day,
Troy has paid for a new tire,
replaced the flat and driven the car home.

Today we met with Troy to repay him.
Our hearts are filled with gratitude for everything he did for us.
Grateful today for the good and helping spirit of strangers.

They have said …

Weekend with MAO…
A successful work week ends with a weekend of dates with MAO.
Friday cocktails, Saturday matinees, and Sunday at the AGO,
Walking in the6ix, hand in hand.
Over this same weekend, women all over the world marched together…

Memories of my experience as a girl,
and things “they” have said…
“Good girls don’t laugh so loud.”
“Find a good husband, like your father.”
“Bee a good wife, listen to your husband.”
“How can you say that? Are you the devil?!”

They have called me…
Daughter, Sister, Wife, Ex-wife,
Teacher, Friend, bitch…

Grateful today for…
#womensmarch – words cannot express the tears that flowed,
#nastywomen – Ashley Judd,
and for #nomadMAOs…
I have fought myself and others on my path to the truth of me, and will not back down.
Thank you MAO, for your love, support, all our snuggles, and for laughing loud WITH me.