Celebrations at Debbie’s

A rainy morning mixed with sunshine…
A last walk down to sulphur springs, and then a drive to Debbie’s for brunch.

Arriving at Debbie’s there is a giant Lucian celebration happening…
a 50th anniversary! The fanciest of outfits in such an unexpected place.
Surprising to be at a 50th anniversary – especially after thinking Nerious’ family life to be the norm…

After a quiet afternoon of football and puzzling,
we set out for dinner in Soufriere – car parked by the bridge construction site, we walk on the temporary pedestrian bridge, past the cemetery to the Hummingbird for a romantic dinner with my mate.

Grateful today for
all our our wonderful Lucian experiences,
the greatest of holiday party times,
and for the quiet times here with my mate.

Comments? Thoughts?