Fabric of Life


A fabulous female day…
Started out at the big carrot, lovely to run into GKW.
Trunk loaded with produce, and new sprouter, listening to Jian in Hamilton talking epigenetics – Jurassic style..
Everything unloaded, and put away for tomorrow – full on cooking day.

Out for lunch with the exuberant one – at our off-site office.
After lunch, we walk to the market to pick up various items and walk back to warm up at Bellwoods.
Joined by a friend, conversation over knitting – much is shared.
So amazed at the experiences that others have, how they grow from tragedy and pain and then share so openly.

Returning home, Anna joins me for a cup of tea and dinner at Harlem Underground.

Grateful today for
seeing exuberant embroidery – wow!
an amazing sharing with laughter, tears and so much joy,
and for the fabric of life that weaves us together.

Comments? Thoughts?