Mushrooming Emotions


Second hot yoga class this morning – today’s is 90 min.
Found I was not as balanced as I was yesterday…
Amazed at the amount of detoxing via skin that happens in one session…

A mushroom veggie chilli made for dinner + some for the freezer…
By the time my mate comes home, my emotions are mushrooming!
Suspecting it is the cleanse that is triggering emotional outbreaks…

In the evening, we are out to see the Frank Horvat Band – our former piano teacher is having a CD launch.
On a night that is -30C, it is great to see a full house.
A great night with fantastic music.

Grateful today for
all the detoxing that is happening – in yoga, and through diet,
my mate – for listening to me calmly and sharing his thoughts on my mushrooming emotions,
and for getting out to see Frank – a great night of music to get me out of my head!

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