Moksha Monday


Early morning Moksha and tasks done…
coffee and lunch with the cosmics start the week perfectly.
Walking home takes me through Grange Park, Chinatown and Queen West.

Loved being in the old neighbourhood,
and experiencing it in a nostalgic way.
So many wonderful times at Huron…

Grateful today for
Moksha’s clock being 5 min behind mine,
a beautiful day for a summer walk in the city,
and for the memories of life at Huron.

First Thursdays!


The day is busy.
Working today on a mind mapping visual tool to use in meetings.
The online collaborative tools today are incredible!

A date in the evening with Princess to First Thursdays at the AGO.
A fabulous event! Looking forward to returning.

Grateful today for
the online tools found collaboratively – so far, Droptask and Imindmap are awesome,
for the artsy hipster envisioneer that got me out to First Thursdays,
and for an evening that lifted Princess’ spirits. The shirt was quite the hit!

Bowie + Ai Wei Wei


A beautiful day for a walk with Bliss’n to the AGO.
Lunch in Chinatown and then to see David Bowie Is.
A fantastic exhibition, felt certain that a dance party would break out at any point…

Ai Wei Wei after Bowie was quite a contrast.
Incredible art installations – powerful and moving.


Grateful today for
a super afternoon with Bliss’n,
the AGO – thank you for a perfect day.