Sailing with Alex!


Twice postponed due to boat repairs…
so grateful that today worked out for a sail with Alex and family,
and with the country mice too!

The perfect sail day.
From Ashbridge’s, around the spit and into the eastern gap,
then to IYC for lunch and a return sunset sail via the western gap.

Grateful today for
the captain, crew and guests today on Twomates,
great weather to be out on the lake,
and for the perfect sail day – nice to see the wing-on-wing on our sail home.

What a day!


A stunning day of sunshine and warmth.
Shared a fun morning with Alex – now 2.5 years old.
What a fun photographic 2.5 years it has been for me!

After her bath, Alex is ready to go out…a pigtailed purple princess!
Off to Wychwood Barns and the playground.
Wychwood is lively with families, vendors and food.

Grateful today for
the opportunity to share in Alex’s first years,
watching her grow and experience the world,
and for a glorious day together.

Alex is Two!


2 Years old!! I can hardly believe it.
Photo days with Alex, Ed + Claire – every 2 months for the last 2 years
Truly flew by.

Loved being at the Palmero bakery and cafe,
and then with Ed + his girls…
So fun to be together.
And at the park on the ridge! Wow!

Grateful today for
Ed, Claire + Alex – have loved sharing the past two years with you!
Thank you so much for sharing your Sunday mornings with me.