Rocket Girl is back!


Rocket Girl is back from Cambodia!
A reunion dinner at Wellington this evening.
So great to see everyone.

The boys continue to grow in so many amazing ways…
Loving being there to experience their language growth.
And then to see Rocket Girl’s video… Incredible.

Grateful today for
my mate who made a delicious dinner,
an evening to experience the song boys – love talking and snuggling with them,
and for my mother – Rocket Girl. xxoo

End of the week


Breakfast with Bliss’n starts the day.
Great to catch up, have breakfast and take away deli sandwiches for others…
Returning home, my mate is there with brother Al, MunHee and BabyBri!
Sandwiches for all before continuing on with the day…

A quiet Friday evening – watching movies and snuggling with my mate.
A perfect end to the week.

Grateful today for
a Bliss’n breakfast at the diner,
a quick visit with BabyBri – getting so big now!
and for friday night snuggles with MAO.