Christmas on the beach


Started the day with a walk along the beach to breakfast…
back to the beach to read,
listen to the waves and watch birds flying about.

A late afternoon bicycle ride,
so fun to ride about in my bathing suit!
And back to our room to rest before dinner.

Grateful today for
being outdoors all day,
a relaxed day hanging with my MAO,
and for all the happy people on the beach.

Baltimore Orioles


The birds are a constant delight to watch and listen to…
Sunflower seeds strewn across the deck and grape jelly out,
a wonderful way to start the day.

Loving our country weekend –
conversation and time with the country mice,
in their nature – bonfires, birds and goats.

Grateful today for
a beautiful day @ Idlewild – waffling weather was interesting to experience,
this baltimore oriole – loved connecting via camera,
and the country mice. xxoo

Sparrows At the window


Feeling energetic today and happy to be through yesterday’s greens…
Sparrows are at the window throughout the day,
hopping about and eating their seeds…

Indoors, my mate and I are cosy and warm,
having our snacks throughout the day –
porridge for breakfast and a tourtiere w/ salad for lunch…Yum!

Visit from the Songs takes us to K-BBQ for dinner,
and my first experience feeding little King Justin as he plays his ipad games.

Grateful today for
feeling revived and energetic,
the wonderful meals we have and share with others,
and for the love and care that goes into meals.