The Old Neighbourhood

The morning radio reports that it is very frigid out + people are shivering…
Even with this weather report, sunshine, blue skies and tasks to complete take me outdoors.

My 7K walk today – to our old neighbourhood, then to College Street, and Kensington Market on the route home.

Grateful today for
a beautiful day to be outdoors,
a tasty dinner with my mate – from a new recipe book,
and for Toronto’s great neighbourhoods.

532 – Toronto

In the last few days…
Cycled by Moss Park and saw 6 people providing food to people in the park,
In a hospital waiting room watched one person waiting share his sandwich with a patient – a stranger.

Touched by the kindness seen.
I love this city.

Grateful today to be living in a city where strangers talk to one another and share.

448 – Catch up

Catching up today on bills,
receipt management
and all the $$ paperwork.

Working in the kitchen,
Ken Burns’ Jazz on the screen…
Can’t imagine a better way to get caught up.

Grateful today for
a great workout and lunch with Maylee,
a completed expense report
and for the skype catch up with family in Korea.