Mega Extreme


A day fully immersed in wayfinding projects…
Just about exactly where I left off 4 years ago.
Amazed at how much I remember from years ago…

At the end of the day, waiting for my Uber ride,
the door catches my eye.
Not quite dark out, reflections in the window mix with the lighting indoors…

Grateful today for
wayfinding projects – grateful to be back at work,
Uber – loving the drivers, the ride and the price,
and for the lightroom presets by Trey Ratcliff – used the Mega Extreme (even though it said ‘don’t touch it’)….seemed appropriate for a Mega Extreme day!

Envision Morning

Envision Morning

Sunshine streaming into Envision always stops me in my tracks.
Today, the flower was so beautifully lit…
Brighter than any of the digital or static signage.

A glorious fall day with summer like temperatures,
the afternoon is spent catching up on this blog in front of the big open window at home.
Watching the street go by is always interesting – and a bonus: passerbys smiling and saying hello!

Grateful today
for the sequins on my shirt – reflecting sparkles everywhere I went,
beautiful environments enhanced by the sunlight,
and for an afternoon to get back to my blog catch up.

After a blurred week…


The days of last week blurred into one another…
Today my mate and I returned to our envision family.
And what a day to return!

The office was buzzing with meetings, work and excitement.
Working day ended an hour earlier for birthday celebrations,
and team envision’s inaugural ball hockey game.

Fun games, and even better the envision spirit.
Sharing memories, stories and so much laughter.
Wonderfully healing for my soul.

Grateful today for
lunch with the returned cosmic cycling adventurers,
catchup with THE advoCAT – wow! what a presentation he built!
playing my first hockey game ever,
and for Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s farewell letter I read at the end of the day.