Signing up for Spring


What a blustery wintry day!!
Huddled under a tent, Garrison gardeners gather to sign up for their plots.
Excited to plan this year’s garden…

After the garden sign up,
exuberance and I continue onto complete the first phase of wardrobe update…
time to get sleeves and pants shortened.

The evening is a delightful dinner with Pa Hayes and Ros.
My mate finds a perfect bistro on Mount Pleasant.
Dinner is delicious and it is a fun evening together.

Grateful today for
our garden plot – can almost taste the fresh produce,
the first phase of wardrobe update complete – thank you exuberance!
and for dinner tonight on Mount Pleasant.

Happy Birthday Mun-Hee!


Belated Birthday Celebrations for Mun-Hee!
Starting with a late afternoon outing to Ripley’s Aquarium,
Then to dinner at Wellington by the mates.

A full evening ends with the Song Family spending the night.
Fun to see the boys swimming in the bath tub,
and for all the smiles, laughter and fun shared all day.


Grateful today for
a fun day celebrating Mun-Hee’s birthday,
the delicious home cooked birthday dinner with spontaneous sleepover…
and for Mun-Hee’s smile-lighting up all the places she went…

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Hayes Thanksgiving


A perfect day for a family Thanksgiving dinner.

Great to see everyone and share a feast of a thanksgiving meal.
Turkey and lobster!
Combination worked out perfectly and dinner was delicious.

Grateful today for
family gatherings – so great to see the little ones so big now!
a delicious dinner, for our hosts,
and for the bag of turkey bones that was saved for me. xxoo