Good Start to the week


Happy to have a full and productive day – a good start to the week.
Hot Yoga in the morning, content strategy course in the afternoon,
and a 2 1/2 hr acupuncture session for a sore shoulder.
And managed to make red lentil curry for dinner!

Continuing on with the next step of my cleanse…the next few days eliminate meat, and dairy.
Whole grains, veggies and legumes for the next few days before going raw for a day or two.
My mate continues to support and encourage me.

Grateful today for
the awesome playlist on GavRadio that I woke up to,
finally making it across the street to a hot yoga class,
and for a full and productive day.



After breakfast and a bit of clean up,
my mate and I sit down to research for our travels in the fall.
Very exciting to be planning a trip – around our birthdates and after classes and exams are all done.

Amazed that an entire day can go by researching hotels, itineraries, reading reviews etc…by late afternoon, I could not take in any more information.

Outside snow was falling and it looked quite blustery.
Indoors, my mate made a wonderful comfort meal for us,
on our loungy Saturday evening.

Grateful today for
the net – wow! so much information available
a warm fire and snuggly sofa,
and for the beautiful snow fall outside the window.