Fresh Eyes


Have so enjoyed having friends here with fresh eyes.
Each time we are here, I discover more about the plants, people and Lucian life.
So great to have had G+G experiencing it for the first time, and now exuberance.

The cosmics and country mice – we’ve shared many times here…
So grateful for all our shared times here.
Each time a few new firsts – what will it be this trip?!

Grateful today for
days with easy and relaxed agendas,
shared memories of different trips here,
and fresh eyes – so wonderful to see others delighting in the natural beauty here.

Dinner at Home

Dubrovnik Market

So good to return to the farmer’s market this afternoon – after a morning on condo board duty…
The stands are not as laden with fruit as they were at the Dubrovnik market, still, wonderful to be re-stocking our fridge.

Returning home, there is a hole in the ceiling and repairs are being done.

In the evening, mate and I have our first dinner at home…ahhh….so good!

Grateful today for
farmers everywhere and the wonderful produce they provide,
needed repairs being found out earlier rather than later,
and for making dinner at home.

586 – Peaches

Morning visit to 2 farmers markets – first stop the brickworks, second stop at the St Lawrence market. Loaded up on fresh produce – kale, chard, onions, strawberries, peaches and sugar pears…Yum, yum!

Inspired to cook by all the great ingredients – pork chops with peach salsa + gremolata, corn and a kale salad.

Grateful today for
the fruit to make a salad for Pauline,
fresh ingredients,
and happy bellies.