Drama in the Center


Somewhere between my morning shower and going to work, my mood got gnarly…
Wanting to stay grumpy was impossible with the little moments and interactions that brought out a laugh or smile.
Still the gnarliness didn’t completely go away.

An afternoon stop at Special K – onions and strawberries growing nicely,
This onion reflects my mood back to me…
And reminds me to be grateful…

Grateful today for
today’s brief interactions that took away the grumpy,
the growing plants in Special K,
for my steadfast mate – thank you for always being loving and supporting,
and for remembering to be grateful.

Sunday @ Home


This morning the kitchen is busy.
Breakfast made, stock put away and soup back on…
eggs boiling for egg salad and granola in the oven.

A walk in the neighbourhood after breakfast,
so glad to see this garden at the school,
and to run into Sarah – deep, warm hugs on wellington.

Grateful today for
food made at home – a true luxury,
walking hand in hand with my mate,
and a weekend at home.

Special K


A glorious day for lunch with neighbour MiA,
followed by a walk through Kensington picking up things for the kitchen…
Cool breezes and hot sun – a perfect day.

Always amazed at the amount of veggies coming out of Special K.
Each time, my canvas bag is filled with beets, cukes, tomatoes and kale.
What an incredible thing our Special K is…

Grateful today for
a walking afternoon – sharing my fave Kensington spots with MiA,
a glorious day for walking,
and for neighbourly sharing of food – thank you MiA for the delicious 깻잎! (perilla leaves)