Sunny Spring Saturday


Woke up to a beautiful sunny day.
Sunshine, blue skies and no traffic make for a delightful drive to Idlewild.
It is wonderful to arrive and visit with the country mice.

Our afternoon bonfire sparks conversation,
warms us as the sun sets and becomes the heat that dinner is cooked on.
The goats playing in the sunset are fun to watch.

Grateful today for
time with the country mice – thank you so much for sharing Idlewild with us,
today’s afternoon sunshine and bon fire,
and for the inner warmth that comes from our visits together.

Always the yummiest place to be!



So hard to go…


A summery morning,
breakfast on the deck, a game of chess and then a business call for my mate…

One more visit to the nest. All 3 siblings are growing and look good.
Ma Robin seems less threatened by my being there.


So hard to go…
Hugs and kisses until the next time the city mice and country mice get together.

Grateful today for
the country mice – thank you for sharing your home with me.
The time with you, with nature and all the creatures at Idlewild has been healing, joyful and restorative. xxoo



Have recently been feeling the need to be in nature…
Today, I took the train to stay with J+S at Idlewild.

The beauty of nature and the healing power of green…

A delicious and healthy nicoise for dinner,
and a quiet evening reading “The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow”.



Grateful today for
J+S – thank you for sharing Idlewild with me,
for Nature – wow,
and for the white noise of the city finally quieting to allow me to fall sleep…