The day after


Last night we danced until 2:30am…
Awake at 7 and hungry for breakfast!?
Bellies full and ready for a day of relaxation…

Walking with MAO in Jordan,
Cardinals flying everywhere,
Green grass, and trees downed by beavers by the algae pond with ducks…


Grateful today for
our energizing walk around the ponds,
a warm and cosy afternoon with MAO,
and for memories.
Thank you Advocat, for sharing memories of envisioneers – past and future.



Have recently been feeling the need to be in nature…
Today, I took the train to stay with J+S at Idlewild.

The beauty of nature and the healing power of green…

A delicious and healthy nicoise for dinner,
and a quiet evening reading “The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow”.



Grateful today for
J+S – thank you for sharing Idlewild with me,
for Nature – wow,
and for the white noise of the city finally quieting to allow me to fall sleep…