After a day of work, the evening is at the Rivoli.
A favorite place to gather for a game of pool, food + drink, and conversation.
Always a great place to meet people – those I know and to meet new individuals.

Today is no different.
Got into a conversation with Michael and met his son Christian.
As it goes with meeting people – the stories they share are so interesting.

Grateful today for
an evening with friends,
meeting Michael and Christian
and for the Rivoli – and for all the great times we have had there.

Pool at the Rivoli

Test done!
Not as tough as I had anticipated…still, very glad I was prepared.

After class, it is a beautiful day – perfect for a visit to the Dufferin Grove Farmers’ market.
Picking up produce for the house and snacks for guests tonight.

Great to see PVS and the west coast wonder!
Super fun catching up and walking over to play pool at the Rivoli.

Grateful today for
fun times catching up with friends,
and for hanging out in our old neighbourhood.