Family Day @ Wellington


A beautiful sunny day!
Made a salsa verde this morning – fresh parsley is now 3 weeks old!
Food is prepped and ready for our dinner tonight with Susie + Frances.

A visit from Neighbour Nat – chess game played with my mate,
soup and salad shared for lunch…
nice to have him visit with us.

By evening, Susie and Frances arrive.
Wonderful conversation, great food and it is a lovely, lovely night.


Grateful today for
the visit from Neighbour Nat,
visiting with Susie and Frances,
and all the warmth and love shared at Wellington.

Happy Family Day!

Sunny Tuesday


Working this morning on the second floor – loving my sunny window spot…
Salad as a snack just before my mate calls inviting me to have lunch with him and the chairman.
Perfect timing for a great lunch with the chairman – always good to catch up with his adventures.

Returning home to my window seat, I continue working away…
Trying to simplify a lot of pieces is not as easy as I previously thought.

When my mate returns, we go out for a walk,
and then it’s a lovely dinner for two at home.

Grateful today for
sharing time over a meal with the chairman,
my mate including me in their lunch,
and for my window seat on the second floor.