Taking a bite

Otto’s lease is up soon…we will be sad to send him away.
Needing a replacement, we went out to take a bite…
After our test drive, new friends from Sheridan Nursery return with us to Wellington.

Grateful today for
a day to think about Otto’s replacement,
and the new Wellington friends – orchids and ming aralias.

652 – Nutrition

In the last few days, I have heard of a few vitamin studies – studies that made vitamins look bad. Somehow not so surprising news coming a few days after “Food Matters” was available online for free.

Our class today was on Nutitional Medicine. Very interesting and informative.

It seems the more I learn, the more questions I have.

The body is a complex thing…

Grateful today for
a good class,
great workout,
and for a nutritious day.