Saturday Visits


Saturday morning snuggles – a cozy day at home.
MAO makes a most delicious breakfast…
so grateful for all his yummy meals.

Noontime is visiting time…
drop in from the advocat with scandinavian pals,
and SKY – working on SD5 troubles.

The afternoon continues at the Communist Daughter,
with a trumpet playing singer, serving drinks and answering calls…
What a fun place!


Grateful today for
PJ! Thank You…
for riding the serial port keyboard over,
for all the music,
and for connecting us to SKY. xxoo

Where did September go?


Feeling confused…
September is over? Nuit Blanche, this weekend?
Where was I?

Was it the warmer than usual weather…blending summer with autumn?
Did the busy-ness of the ‘back to school’ season consume me?
I suspect both… and more.

Needing a return to gratitude…

Grateful today,
for the deep sharing relationships I have,
for past experiences that caution, inspire and motivate my decisions,
and for being here to experience it all.

Intense Afternoon


Writing an email reply at work,
a shift happens in my energies.
Everything becomes too intense, serious and I am frustrated.

A quick shake off of the day,
and onto an evening with some envision ladies.
Glad we got the time together.

Grateful today for
feeling I caught the energy shift quicker,
not reacting too extremely,
and for the evening’s energy shift.