Lunch today takes me to Yonge and Dundas.
So long since I’ve been in this area.
Amazing to see the incredible changes…

A walk through the Ryerson building after lunch,
Awesome architecture…
wished for a moment I was a university student.

Grateful today for
the different neighbourhoods in the 6,
beautiful buildings,
and for the opportunity to see it.

Getting things done


An early appointment this morning with our eye doctor for my mate.
He takes care of my mate,
and also looks at my eyes (woke up yesterday with a very irritated eye).

After our appointment, we have a lovely leisurely breakfast at 7 West Cafe – nice to experience different neighbourhoods.
On our route home, we drive along Queen,
errands get done and we spot this pop-up climbing wall.

Grateful today for
a morning in a different neighbourhood,
our favorite optometrist,
and for getting things done.